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TOFGA Conference, Austin, TX

02/09/2013 6:32 AM | John & Denise Stufflebeam
Whoa, this Conference has been great!  Del and I can't wait to get back and start putting some of the lessons to work.  We're so intimidated with all the knowledge here!  Our lives have been devoted to Quality Assurance, Engineering and Process control.  We've admired and watched from a distance as our son and nephew has toiled with his avid belief in Good Food.  We've enjoyed his family and their mutual love for each other and their common belief.  We've been blessed to partake in that Love!  He has devoted his whole life to this worthy Process, he calls it "Righteous Food".  For years he has encouraged my brother and I to do similar things on our small piece of property in Collin County.  This weekend marks the beginning of our journey.  We plan to try to share those experiences here, on our Website and anywhere else anyone will listen.  We know it will be difficult; farming as well as, family and community relationships. Well here goes, what can our life experiences contribute to this new business?  What can we learn from those who are in the business?  Oh, if we could only bottle everyone here's enthusiasm and energy, it is addictive!  

Stay tuned, I hope there is much more to come!  

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