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No Corn/Soy Feed Available in McKinney, at Collin County Feed Store!

09/26/2014 6:45 AM | Anonymous

I have been raising Pastured Chickens for several years.  Two (2) years ago we started using a layer feed recommended by our son, Brad Stufflebeam.  He had been using it because of a desire to have No GMO in his feed.  Without Corn or Soy it was more likely to be assured!

I picked some up while I visited him in Brenham, TX.  It had such great results I have used it exclusively ever sense.  The problem was it was only available as a special blend by the Cargil Mill in Gettings, TX.  I found it in a feed store that my son knew carried it in Caldwell, TX.  I recently got  a local Cargil representative to make it available in the down town McKinney, TX, Collin County Feed Store.  If an interested is shown he will continue to carry it. 

I have been selling my eggs, when available, at the McKinney Market.  Everyone one has thought they were the best eggs they have ever had.  Several persons especially like them because of food allergies they have to Corn, Soy, and other egg issues.  They can eat these eggs with no issues.   We now sell them exclusively to Customer's that pick up from us or we deliver to. 

Please try the feed, the price is the best I've found, and It is the best Feed I've used! 

50 @ $21 bag.

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