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Message from TOFGA Regarding Harvey

08/30/2017 10:31 PM | Vacant (Administrator)

Dear TOFGA Members and Supporters,

Our thoughts and prayers are with the farmers, ranchers, and citizens of Texas who have suffered from the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  We have been tracking the storm closely, following the coverage, and hearing from our membership about the damage and distress they’re experiencing. 

Everyday, TOFGA sees how our sustainable farms and ranches enrich lives across Texas - y'all are central to robust communities across our great state and beyond.  From the high-quality foods you produce, to the markets you support, to the customers who truly value your product - none of it happens without YOU.

We're sending this message to say: We hear you.  And, we are here for you.  We know you have sustained damage to your businesses, livelihoods, and homes, and we’ve only heard a fraction of what’s actually happened.   

TOFGA Board and Leadership are currently in talks with other family farm aligned organizations across the state to coordinate an effort to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Stay tuned for more information in the coming days on how to seek help, who to turn to, and what resources may be available to you.

In the meantime, here are some tips to best position yourself to qualify for aid:

Document Everything: Take pictures and record the damage you have sustained.  Write down everything, including what you do, who you talk to, and what those people say (if you talk on the phone, ask for a follow up email with notes about what was discussed and decided upon).  If you go to an office for an in-person meeting, go with more than one person and have one ask questions while the other takes notes.  And, again, take pictures of the damage!  It is especially important to take pictures and document before clean up and restoration. 

Recovery is a long-term process.  Remember, we are here for you - Texas farmers, ranchers, and TOFGA members.  We know there will be obstacles and frustrations to overcome in the short and long term.  We are ready to assist you over the long haul however we are able.

We are regularly updating our Disaster Relief Resources webpage.  

Please feel free to email us at president@tofga.org, and again, we’ll be sending out more specific information on resources in the coming days.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Emily Erickson

TOFGA President

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