2014 Annual Conference


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Thursday, Jan. 30 – Pre-Conference Workshops and Farm Tours
       Pre-conference workshops:
                      9:30a-4pm - Drought Mitigation with Holistic Management International –
                                          on-farm all day at Blackwood Bounty, Hempstead
                                                    Click here for more information!
                     1:00 - 4:00 pm
                              Fruit Trees (on farm) – Glen Miracle, Laughing Frog Farm
                              Organic Certification – Leslie McKinnon
                              Butchering: Maximizing Your Return - cancelled
                              New Farmer Workshop - Erin Flynn & Skip Connett - Green Gate Farms
                              Social Media Marketing – Pam Johnson, Rose Creek Farm
                       12-5:00 Trade show set up
**Workshops listed for Friday and Saturday are filled in when confirmed. There will be 4-5 workshops per session. Some workshop times are subject to change.

 Friday, Jan. 31

       7:30am – Registration opens


       8:00-5:00 Trade Show


       8:15a-9:30am – Session 1

                                 Poultry Production - David Crank, Oaks of Mamre Farm

                                 Farm Financial Management: The First 10 Years - Forrest Pritchard, Smithfield


                                 Perennial Gardening - Marilyn Simmons, Garden Inspirations

                                 Soil Health - Betsy Ross, Sustainable Growth Texas

                                 Farmhood: Bringing Farming to the Neighborhood through Collaboration -                                                    Joe Icet & MaDiana Diaz, Last Organic Outpost



       9:30a-10:00a - Break


       10:00a-11:15a – Session 2

                                  Goat Dairies - Blue Heron Goat Dairy

                                  NCAT's Texas Organic Initiative - Robert Maggiani, NCAT

                                  Soil Remediation - Justin Duncan, Prairie View A&M

                                  Urban Ag Policy: Opportunities & Barriers - Andrew Smiley, SFC

                                  Pollinators and Producers: What you need to know - Kevin Topek


       11:15a-12:45pm – Lunch on your own

       1:00p-2:15pm – Session 3

                                  Sustainable Practices in Grass-Fed Beef - John Taggart, Burgundy Pasture Beef

                                  Greenhouse Management - Dr. Steven King, Millican Farms

                                  Playing Well with Others: Food In Cross-Sector Projects - Jessica Gallishaw,                                                           United Way of Metropolitan Dallas; Susie Marshall, GROW North Texas

                                  Getting the Most from Your Compost - John Ferguson

                                  Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certification - Sara Cano, USDA


       2:15-2:45pm – Break


       2:45-4:00pm - Session 4

                                Farm Cooperatives - Rick Carrera, Texas Rural Cooperative Development

                                Basics of Rotational Grazing in Texas - Betsy Ross, Sustainable Growth Texas

                                Legislative Listening Session - Judith McGeary, FARFA  

                                Community Gardening - Jean Fefer, Urban Harvest

                                Holistic Management Institute: How It Helped My Farm - Stacey Roussel, All We

                                                 Need Farm


       4:00-4:30pm – Break


       4:30 – 5:45pm – Member Meeting    


 Saturday, Feb. 1
       7:30am – Registration opens
       8:00-5:00 Trade Show   
       8:15a-9:30am – Session 1
                                 Rainwater Harvesting - Nell Wheeler, Water Conscious Rainwater Collection
                                 Nuts and Bolts of CSA's - David & Katie Kramer PitreTecolote Farm
                                 Cow Dairies in Texas - Stuart Veldhuizen, Veldhuizen Cheese 
                                 Specialty Farm Equipment - Lynn Remsing, Gnismer Farms
                                 Worker Co-ops: Food Access & Sustainability - Jamin Stocker, Broke Ass Pizza


       9:30a-10:00a – Break


      10:00a-11:15a – Session 2

                                 Organic Fruit Tree Management - Glen Miracle, Laughing Frog Farm

                                 Equitable Food Access: Charity vs. Social Change - Max Elliott, Urban Roots;                                                          Claudia Harding, SFC; Susie Marshall, GROW North Texas/TOFGA 

                                 Issues in Urban Livestock - Renee & Geoffery Smith, The Barry Farm

                                 Pastured Swine - Stacey Roussel, All We Need Farm

                                 Certified Farmers Markets 


      11:15a-12:45pm – Lunch & Regional Meetings


      1:00p-2:15pm – Session 3

                               The Small Flock and the Shepherd: Starting From Scratch with Sheep on Pasture

                                                - Shaun Jones, A+S Farm

                                Big Yields from Small Spaces - Diana Liga, Urban Harvest
                                Our Story: Urban Roots, Austin - Max Elliott, Urban Roots
                                Organic Insect & Disease Control: Practices & Common Sense - Lucy Harrell
                                Organic Certification Options in Texas 

      2:15-2:45pm – Break


      2:45 -4:00pm - Session 4

                                Permaculture Principles for the Farm - Lucinda Bailey, Texas Ready

                                Farming on the Margins: Finding Land - Cavanaugh Nweze, Divine Leaders, Inc 

                                Unite Voices Empower: The Importance of Grassroots Advocacy- Gabraelle Lane, 

                                            Southern SAWG

                                Post Harvest Handling - Cathy Sullivan, Sullivan's Happy Heart Farm

                                Organic Strawberry Research - Justin Duncan, Prairie View A&M


      4:00 -4:30pm – Break


      4:30 – 5:45pm – Session 5

                                 Backyard Chickens - Suzanne King, Hens for Houston

                                 GMO Discussion - Judith McGeary, FARFA; Dr. Steven King, Millican Farms

                                 Expanding Access through Micro-Markets - Jasmine Opusunju, CAN DO Houston

                                 Biodynamics - Bill McCranie, Josephine Porter Institute

      6:30 pm - Annual Banquet - with keynote speaker Forrest Pritchard, Smith Meadows  
 Sunday, Feb. 2
–  10am - Urban Farm Brunch Tour at Last Organic Outpost 

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