Pre-Conference Workshops

January 12, 2015 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Whole Farm Revenue Protection: How It Works For Diversified Farms

$15 per person

Crop insurance has come to be one of the keys to economic success for many farmers.  With the last Farm Bill, this trend became even more important. Billions of dollars are paid out each year to farmers in the form of indemnities. 

For diversified, smaller scale, and specialty crop growers, however, crop insurance has not been a very effective tool.  Recent changes in crop insurance are changing this situation.  In particular, Whole Farm Revenue Protection insurance provides a means for these operations to possibly make good use of crop insurance.  The insurance will not be a proper fit for every producer, and there are still wrinkles to the program that require some thought, but the program itself is one that almost every diversified operation should at least consider.  This session will look at Whole Farm Revenue Protection in detail, and will examine its strengths, weaknesses, and requirements.  Because many diversified operations have not used crop insurance in the past, the session will also provide a discussion of some of the basics of crop insurance.

Who should attend:
  • Family farmers - of all kinds, especially diversified producers
  • Farm advocates 
  • Farm support organization staff 
  • Crop Insurance Providers


Stephen Carpenter is Senior Staff Attorney and Deputy Director at Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Inc. (FLAG), of St. Paul, Minnesota, a nonprofit law firm that works on behalf of family farmers, and has been working on disaster programs and crop insurance issues for three decades. At FLAG, Mr. Carpenter’s work has centered on disaster assistance, as well as discrimination in agricultural lending, debtor-creditor issues, federal farm programs, sustainable agriculture and direct marketing, and the problems of farmers contracting for livestock production. Mr. Carpenter has conducted frequent FLAG trainings for farmers, advocates, and attorneys and has spoken to farmers and their advocates in more than thirty states. He has authored and edited several FLAG materials and publications. Carpenter is a graduate of Drury College in Springfield, Missouri, and of Stanford Law School, and came to FLAG in 1993.

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