TOFGA 2021 Virtual Conference

TOFGA 2021 Member Meeting
2/1 1/2021 - Thursday
 - 5:15 to 6:15 PM CST 

As a member-run and funded organization TOFGA depends upon the input of our members to guide the organization. Join us for our annual member meeting as we discuss the past and future goals and relevance of the organization, give financial reports, and hold board of directors elections. 

-  Presidential Welcome and Address 
-  Organizational history, goals, and path forward with statements from longtime TOFGA Members, Robert Maggiani and Glen Miracle 
-  Operational Update
-  Treasurer's Report
-  TOFGA Board of Directors Introductions
-  Board Elections
-  Regional Resource Share Out
-  Short Q&A 

Click Here to See a Recording of the Meeting
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