TOFGA 2021 Virtual Conference

Are Certifications Right for You?
2/25/2021 - Thursday
 - 5:30 to 6:45 PM CST

Certifications can be an easy and accessible way to express to consumers your farm's growing practices and values. However there are now numerous certifications to choose from and each has different time, financial, and farm management requirements. In this session we will learn about the process, guidelines, and value of becoming Certified Naturally Grown, USDA Certified Organic, or Certified Regenerative Organic.


Anna Meyer is the Brand & Supplier Liaison at the Regenerative Organic Alliance, where she helps brands and growers begin their journey to Regenerative Organic Certified™. She helps applicants work through the certification process and navigate ROC product claims and labeling. After studying agricultural policy and natural resource management in graduate school, she joined the team at Green America, where she dedicated her time to educating consumers about the benefits of organic and regenerative agriculture. She also contributed to a number of campaigns that successfully encouraged corporations to change their environmentally harmful policies and practices. She is based in Marin County, California and spends her free time delivering baked goods to friends.

Alice Varon is the Executive Director of Certified Naturally Grown and helped to launch CNG's certification programs for beekeepers, aquaponics operations, and mushroom producers. She finds great satisfaction supporting farmers who work in harmony with nature to produce food for their local communities. Alice serves as the North American representative on IFOAM-Organics International's PGS Committee, a group formed to support the development of certification programs like CNG that are built on trust, social networks and knowledge exchange. When not working Alice enjoys exploring the woods in New York's Hudson Valley where she grows Shiitake mushrooms on logs and will someday resume her beekeeping hobby.

Brandi Chandler has been an organic inspector with the Texas Department of Agriculture for the past 12 years.  She currently serve as the Coordinator for the Organic Certification Program with TDA.



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